Audiobook Catalogue

Full list of all audiobooks produced by Ménéstrandise in Italian and English.

The Doors of the Sea: Where was God in the Tsunami
Riley Paige 1: Il Killer della Rosa
Conversational German Dialogues
Italian Short Stories
Italian Phrase Book: Over 1000 Essential Italian Phrases
Conversational Italian Dialogues
How to Get Really Good at French
Learn Italian Fast
Made in France
Made in Italy
The Posthumous Memoirs of Brás Cubas
Avant Qu'Il Ne Tue
Italian Short Stories for Beginners
Italian Vocabulary Builder
Italian Short Stories for Beginners
2000 Most Common Italian Words in Context
Italian for Beginners
Il Figlio Errante: Costi quel che Costi
The Errant Child: Whatever it Takes
Il Figlio Errante: Il Ritorno
The Errant Child: Coming Home
The Thirteenth Disciple
Se Lei Si Nascondesse
Se Lei Scappasse
Se Lei Vedesse
Se Lei Sapesse
Anello dello Stregone 5: Voto di Gloria
Anello dello Stregone 2: La Marcia dei Re
Anello dello Stregone 4: Grido d'Onore
Anello dello Stregone 3: Destino di Draghi
Anello dello Stregone 1: Un'Impresa da Eroi
Made in Naples & The Amalfi Coast
Intermediate Italian Short Stories
Italian Ultimate Guide
Italian Conversation: 100 Dialogues
The Catholic School
Avant Qu'Il Ne Convoite
Avant Qu'Il Ne Voie
Riley Paige 2: Il Sussurratore delle Catene
Riley Paige 3: Oscurità Perversa
History of Carthage
Kewu Renegade Alien
Welcome to the Masquerade
Save Italy! Forget the Rest
King of the Mountains
The Svalbard Passage
The Trade
The Poppy Broker
Athena: Origins and History
Made in Venice
Life of Sigmund Freud
Silence on Monte Sole
The Kraken
Life of Albert Einstein
Life of Frederick Douglass
The Pilot and the Beauty Queen
Hello Darkness
Orrore d'Autunno
The Armageddon Initiative
Decouvrir un genie: Rudolf Steiner
Where The Green Star Falls
Autumn in Horror
Midnight Club (English Version)
The Painter's Apprentice
Zombie Mutation
La TSA Contro il Popolo
Annie e il Senatore
Made in Florence
Omicidio Giustificato
The Complete Italian Phrasebook
The Gondola Maker
Nala's Story
The Wrong Side of the Blanket
An Immortal Valentine's Day
Midnight Club
Life of Louis XIV
Blood Soup
Lacking Virtues